Data access

In the electronic version of the Atlas, data for downloading is available in the Inventory and Data Archive sections of the respective seas.

Data in the "paper" version of the Atlas is located on the DVD disk in the DATABASE folder as *.zip archives. They are structured according to the types of methods (instruments) used for measurement. Here are the folders whose names match the code of the corresponding tool in the DATASET column of Table 1. For example, a folder named OSD includes data obtained with the help of a bathometer applied for water sampling. There are files of data inside the folder and the names correspond to shortened name of the sea in accordance with Table 1 and a lower underlined DATASET type. For example, a file named will contain an archived set of data in the *.csv format for the Barents and White Seas, measured with bathometers

Some data presented in the disc lack unique codes given by NODC to cruises and stations. For example, the NODC Cruise ID field will contain a gap, as they were being processed by NODC at the moment of this Atlas publication. First of all, this refers to large data sets on the Azov and Caspian seas, as well as observations made by MMBI in the Barents and Kara Seas in recent years.

The DatabaseInfo.txt file contains reference information regarding the data files and their sizes in bytes after decompression

Data contained on the DVD disc may also be read in the Ocean Data View programme (

Table 1 - Instrument types in the WOD09
OSD Bottle, low-resolution Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD), low-resolution XCTD data, and plankton data
CTD High-resolution Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) data and high-resolution XCTD data
MBT Mechanical Bathythermograph (MBT) data, DBT, micro-BT
XBT Expendable (XBT) data
SUR Surface only data (bucket, thermosalinograph)
APB Autonomous Pinniped Bathythermograph - Time-Temperature-Depth recorders attached to elephant seals
MRB Moored buoy data from TAO (Tropical Atmosphere-Ocean), PIRATA (moored array in the tropical Atlantic), MARNET, and TRITON (Japan-JAMSTEC)
PFL Profiling float data
DRB Drifting buoy data from surface drifting buoys with thermistor chains
UOR Undulating Oceanographic Recorder data from a Conductivity/Temperature/Depth probe mounted on a towed undulating vehicle
GLD Glider data

Note: a more detailed description of the instrument type is given at the NODC website:

Table 2 - Table of abbreviations in the file names for large marine ecosystems
LME Abbreviation in the file name
Sea of Azov LME az
Barents Sea LME (including the White Sea subarea) br
Caspian Sea LME cs
Black Sea LME bl
Kara Sea LME kr
Laptev Sea LME lp
East Siberian Sea LME es
Chukchi Sea LME ch