Plankton database of the southern seas

The plankton database contains the results of expeditions carried out by the Azov Branch of MMBI KSC RAS, SSC RAS, and IAZ SSC in 2003 2011 in the areas of the Sea of Azov, Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea.

When carrying out the activities, the focus was sampling plankton organisms including micro plankton and zooplankton following the protocols of research institutions of the former USSR (Guidelines, 1980).

Other parameters were sampled at the same time such as alien species, jelly plankton, micro-zooplankton, pico- and nanophytoplankton, and chlorophyll-A concentrations ( Moses et al., 2012; Shiganova et al., 2001). Also, the role of micro-heterotrophic components in the cycle of carbon in the seas was examined (Azam et al., 1983).

Characteristics of the sampling and sample processing methods for different groups of plankton that were followed are described in the relevant section.